Regulation On Carrying Dangerous Goods on Flight

The transport of dangerous goods on a flight, either in the cargo compartment or as hand baggage, is prohibited. Deep-frozen inflammables such as butane, oxygen, propane or diving tubes, tubes containing non-combustible but poisonous gases, combustible liquids and solids such as lighter or heating fuels, paint or matches and oxygen tubes are considered dangerous goods. Insecticides, agricultural chemicals, arsenic or cyanide and other poisonous substances; fiberglass, bleaches and other radioactive substances; oxides and organic peroxides; guns, automatic weapons and other arms and firearms used as ammunition are under no circumstances allowed on the aircraft.

Passengers who will be carrying ammunition are required to complete check-in procedures prior to the flight. In the same way, firearms used for sports purposes may be transported in the cargo hold if space is available, provided they are accompanied by the required documents and safely packaged.

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